Saturday, March 05, 2005

In the beginning...

As I sit here on a crisp and gloomy Saturday afternoon in March, poised in front of my humble HP. I image all that can be accomplished by utilizing this blog for something GOOD.

I have an idea for a book. But, I need the help of complete strangers to accomplish my goal of writing such a book. I propose to solicit the help of Gay men across the planet to send me their most Happy and also their most Heartbreaking story. True stories only, please. I want to combine a jumble of real-life stories of ordinary (or even extraordinary) Gay men into a novel that can be shared with countless others by way of a book (I know, books are so Old School). It is my goal in life to write a book and publish it in my lifetime.

Just fresh from celebrating my fortieth birthday last month, I can see no reason why I shouldn't begin this quest. I've had this book idea in the back of my mind for several years now. But, I just wasn't motivated to write... until today. I read a few postings at and was inspired. Thank you, Wil!

Here is where the adventure begins.

If anyone out there has an emotionally charged story that they would like to share with the world (I intend to write a damn good book that WILL be published), I encourage you post a little something here. I'll be checking my blog frequently. Eventually I'll probably have to create a new email account to link it here for anyone who wishes to contact me directly with stories.

This project is in its infancy and this is my first attempt at creating a blog, so be gentle.
I look forward to reading your posts.

Be good!


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